KSANGO for children


What is KSANGO?

KSANGO is the mixture of properly balanced natural components that kills the Streptococcus mutans bacterium responsible for cavities. If regularly used, it relieves pain of gingivitis, helps in healing aphthae, and prevents the dental plaque formation and periodontal disease.

KSANGO, at the time of use, leads to increased secretion of saliva that contains natural calcium phosphate that along with the ingredients of the preparation leads to remineralization of teeth.

KSANGO helps alleviating the pain in case of the middle ear inflammation. It has a cooling effect with favorite children's taste.


- Xylitol,
- Biological calcium,
- Magnesium,
- Trace minerals (phosphorus, iron, selenium).
The special combination of ingredients is adapted to the gentle children's teeth and gums.

- It is recommended to use it in the morning and in the evening after brushing teeth.
- The contents of one bag should retain in the mouth for a few seconds until it is mixed with saliva.
- Rinse thoroughly for 1 minute and expel
- Ksango is not harmful and has no contraindications if swallowed.

Children younger than 6 years should brush their teeth under adult supervision in order to reduce the possibility of swallowing.
It is a completely natural product without preservatives. KSANGO is not harmful, even if swallowed.

KSANGO is made according to the recipe of Elvira Scholze, Doctor of chemical sciences from Dresden, Germany.

KSANGO meet all the directions required by the law.
Tested by the Institute for Public Health Kragujevac, Serbia - 02/23/2015.